We firmly believe in celebrating the awesome all of the time, and do so with regularity. I have never been one to buy into what I call the “Hallmark” holidays, but we do celebrate Mother’s day and Father’s day. This is partially because the lils are taught about it at daycare and make a big deal about it, and partially because it’s kinda nice to be spoiled for a day, and to be able to take a rest, guilt free. From the very first Mother’s/Father’s day free for all, we have evolved into a way more low-key day for either parent. The key is that you get to do what you want on your day.

Willy deserves a do-over on Father’s day this year. He is most certainly NOT doing what he wants right now. He is currently sitting in the airport in Toronto, waiting for his second delayed flight of the day. He left home before we ate supper, one of his absolutely favourite meals and was stuck with airport pizza. He spent the lils nap/quiet time packing and making last-minute plans, not stopping to catch his breath or tinkering with things that he wanted to tinker with. We went to lunch, but his little Goose was overtired and cranky, and refused to eat and kicked up a fuss. He didn’t sleep in this morning, and few love sleep more than that man. Instead he got up and made the lils french toast so that I could sleep in. He did this because I took the lils away for fri-sat so he could work, and barely slept due to their nocturnal behaviour. I feel immense guilt about this, but with him travelling and the lils on the edge of sick, I needed that extra hour, and he would have it no other way. Did I mention that he worked all day Saturday too?

Today we did have a good day, and got to do some fun things with the lils, including lunch out, watching a boat travel down the Rideau canal locks, and attending our first Kinderconcert at the NAC. Willy also got some nice gifts from the lils and I, and they weren’t steamers at all! The day was a good day, but I think he would have liked a little bit more relaxing and pampering. The nice thing about not giving in to the Hallmark days, it will be really easy to declare NEXT sunday as Father’s day!

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Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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One Response to Do-over

  1. Sara says:

    We’re all about do-overs and days in lieu of around here 😉 I hope he has a wonderful Father’s Day next Sunday!!

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