We have a skier!

Before I left for the weekend, Willy and I talked about some of the things that he and the lils could do while I was away.  He had a bunch of good ideas, but knowing that he and Woo would be alone on Sunday morning while Goose was with my mom, I suggested that they go skiing.  Willy’s eyes lit up.  He comes from a family of skiers who spent their winters skiing at Owl’s Head, or watching his little brother ski competitively when he was in his teens.  He has since moved to snowboarding, but has been dreaming of taking our lils skiing since before they were born.

Woo, on the other hand was lukewarm to the idea.  It had been suggested to him several times over the winter, and he said no each time.  I am pretty sure the selling feature was that his cousin V, who has been skiing all winter, was going to be invited. Who cares what you are doing when you get to spend time with your cousin, right?

As the plans started to take shape, Woo’s excitement grew.  He was pretty much bouncing off the walls when he went over to V’s to try on equipment Saturday night, and quiet and focussed on the way up to the hill.   He did really well, with a few runs on the bunny hill, followed by two trips up the chair lift and down the BIG hill.  He even got to do some solo skiing, where he wasn’t holding dad’s poles.  By the end of it all he was hooked, and is already talking about the next trip with his dad, possibly even this weekend.

I look forward to many a trip to the ski hill in our future, and anticipate that Goose will want to go now that her brother does.  I’ll take lots of pictures, and then head to the chalet and curl up by the fire to wait for them with my coffee and Bailey’s hot chocolate!  I am so not a skier.


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8 Responses to We have a skier!

  1. Kimberly (McFishing) says:

    I’m with you! We signed up the oldest (6 yo) for group lessons this year and brought the middle one (3 yo) for a few private lessons. They both loved it. Hubs is a snowboarder and planning ski/board get-aways already. I’m much more of a chalet/apre-ski kind of person. If you go to Camp Fortune next winter, look me up, I’ll be the one sitting with a coffee, book and bored expression.

  2. Lara says:

    Sounds fabulous and exciting!! 🙂

  3. Sasha says:

    Yay! We’ve loved watching kids bounce down the ski hill, fearless and made of rubber, since long before we planned our own. Can’t wait for our girls to be old enough!

  4. Finola says:

    It is so awesome to teach kids to ski when they are young. They pick it up so fast. My girls started at ages 3 and 4 and now at 6 and 9 they can get down any hill. I never learned when I was young, and watching my kids, I really wish that I had…although being cozy with a book while the rest of them are skiing isn’t so bad either.

    • I didn’t ski when young either, and have only gone a handful of times as an adult. Enough times to convince me that it is not for me… So I will support them, but enjoy my time on the sidelines!

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