Morning cuddles

Goose’s move into her twin bed this week has been going really well. She’s always loved to sleep, and this apparently wins, over her sense of adventure.  If naps, of the lack there of, are any indication, this may change when it is still light enough to see in her room at bedtime.  Until that happens, I fully expect that she will dive right into bed at the end of the day.

Mornings have been a pleasant surprise.  She is sleeping better, and barely waking before we pop our head in her room.  We had installed a gate on her door to prevent nocturnal wanderings, but she hasn’t budged from the bed if she wakes in the night, and waits happily in the morning.

That all changed this morning.  Woo was up first, and I expected him to  come to our bed as he does every morning.  Instead, he stopped at Goose’s door to tell her that it was time for cuddles.  She jumped out of bed and asked him to let her out of the room*.  He took the time to show her how to open the gate and let herself out, and I prepared to have two monkeys climb into bed with us.

They didn’t come. I heard them wander away from us, and started to wonder what they could get into, and whether I had to get up. They went to Woo’s room, and I heard him ask her if she wanted to come into his bed and cuddle.  “Yes, I DO want to cuddle”, she said, and I heard the rustling of two lil peeps settling in to bed.  They stayed there happily until I could no longer stay away and crept to the room.  I was allowed to give them each a kiss, and then asked to leave, as this was their cuddle time.

*for some reason, Goose has had no interest in moving her gate, which leans against the frame.  She stands patiently on either side to be let in or out of the room*


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Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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11 Responses to Morning cuddles

  1. Deb says:

    Aw!!! How super sweet!

  2. Alicia says:

    Oh my that is cute! E does the same thing with the gate at the bottom of the stairs that just leans against the wall. I guess they just *know*.

  3. Somekindofmom says:

    That is adorable! Such a moment of joy, thanks for sharing!

  4. Lara says:

    SUPER sweet and lovely!!

  5. Finola says:

    That is tooooo cute!
    I remember our oldest daughter used to wake up in her big-girl-bed and call for us to come and get her as if she were still in her crib. She did that for YEARS!

  6. Love it. Absolutely love it.

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