Overheard at naptime

While away on vacation last week we had to spend the afternoons parenting apart – one of us sitting in the room while Goose “slept”, and the other off playing with Woo in the water park or pool, or both!

More often than not, I self elected to monitor goose, as it let me do some chores like downloading pictures and, well, napping. Sadly Goose got herself in a vicious cycle where she was either really overtired and face planted immediately upon being put in the crib, or she was super keyed up and fought her nap with all she had. She knows that I am in the room with her, but tends to forget and babble to herself. This is but a sampling of what she had to say on one of these days…

You’re my cuddle buddy

Baby, do you wanna cuddle and sleep?  I will tuck you in.

Baby, we have to sleep now. Stop talking.

Cuddle me or you will have to go outside.

You’re stinky.

Lie down. Now put your bum down and go to sleep.

“oh no!” “what?” you’re wet.” “it’s ok, I’m getting dried off.” in different voices, I’m not sure which was Goose and which was Baby. Neither was wet.

Shhh. No talking.

(after baby was bashed against the side of the crib a few times) You will have a time out because you hit me. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10. Ok, you’re done. Cut it out.

Bounce bounce bounce. You’re a horse – I enjoy riding you. (I assume this was to Baby)

When is Judy coming to clean this room? (Judy is our cleaning lady at home.  She did not come on the trip with us.)

Can I have a piña colada?

I see you mommy – there you are. Hi.

Love shack, love shack B-AAA-BY

Mommy said blah blah blah

Why is it nap time?  I wanna play

Hahaha I toooooooted

Yohn Yacob Yingleheimer Yidt… (she sang the whole song, each word starting with a Y)

Ready?  Baboink!  Ready, set?  Roar!! (I wish I knew what she was up to here)

I sleep all the time, so not today.

Look! A parasailer!! A parasailer!!  It’s gone.  It was baby’s parasailer and now it’s gone. Oh, I maybe see it!  Yup. But it’s gone again. It fell.  (She did see a parasailer, but it didn’t fall, it just moved from her view.)

It’s a good thing she does not know just how much she was making me giggle. She eventually fell asleep, shortly after I gave up on the hiding, moved to the bed, and napped.

About lilbunnyrabbitz

Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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One Response to Overheard at naptime

  1. Chantal says:

    oh so sweet! I wonder if my little guy will talk to himself like that when he gets older. My other two never did…

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