Best Friends

When Woo started daycare at N’s there was just one other little person there, Cecil. We met him when we went to interview her, and the two dudes hit it off right away. He is just two months older than Woo, and very similar in temperament and disposition. He was Woo’s first friend, and they quickly became inseparable, best friends. Shortly after we started, two little girls joined the group and we thought that things would change. They didn’t. Woo and Cecil tolerated the girls and played with them, but they were really happiest in each other’s company.

N calls them her two old men, as they love to sit and chat for long periods of time. When they are not playing, they are usually on a bench, talking and snickering about who knows what. This wasn’t always the case though. When they first met Cecil wasn’t much of a talker. So they still sat, but Woo did all the talking.

They eat beside each other, sleep beside each other and play together constantly. They play hard too, running and rolling around, always laughing. About the same size, they are a good match. They know each others limits, and don’t often push them. The little girls try to join in on their tomfoolery, but it doesn’t always work out for them.

Then Goose was born, and a year later joined the little group. We wondered what would happen, and I worried that she might be the odd one out. She wasn’t though, she just joined right in with Woo and Cecil. The duo became a trio and they were happy playing together. She could keep up with their craziness, and contributed some of her own.

As they have gotten older, and started to play with each other outside of daycare, we’ve gotten to see more how their friendship works The biggest thing that we have noticed is just how important Goose is to Cecil, and how little it bothers Woo. He makes room for her, happily sharing his best bud with his little sister. I love this.

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Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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One Response to Best Friends

  1. @kristahouse says:

    That is so sweet. Watching the dynamics of children is so interesting!

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