My contribution to Movember

As I was getting in to bed the other night, I was whining to Willy about all the things that I am trying to get done, all the new things that keep piling on top, and how some things are just falling by the wayside.  I knew that Movember was going to be a crazy month at the outset, but an injured hubby, a couple of sick lil ones and a few other unexpected twists, and I am now more behind than when I started.  I am at the stage where I know that it is not possible to get all the things I want to get done, so I start to eliminate the unnecessary steps.

As my whine faded away and we started to discuss our plans for the next week or so, I noted that there was no way that I would be wearing a skirt to any of the “dress up” occasions we have in the near future, as there is just no time to shave my legs.  Willy paused and then asked, somewhat incredulously,  “so, you’re keeping the leg beard?”  Leg beard is what my children call any trace of hair on my legs.  It usually comes from Woo, when he is cuddled in bed with me and rubs his feet on my legs.  It tickles, and he tells me to shave my “leg beard”!!  Figuring that Willy is not a big fan, I chose this opportunity to let him know that this is my contribution to Movember, so he better get used to it – there are ten more days in the month!  This really is all about men’s health issues, and has nothing to do with buying time in this strapped month, truly!

Willy is REALLY participating in Movember this year, and is sporting a pretty impressive porn star ‘stache to go along with it.  He is a little slow on the fundraising, so if you are looking for someone to support, you can donate to him at


About lilbunnyrabbitz

Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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