I’ve created a monster. Or two.

Although I have had my iPhone for about six months, I didn’t actually purchase an app until this month. I have played with plenty of apps, and found some that I truly love, but haven’t felt the need to buy anything. Most of the lite or free versions were filling my needs, so I was happy to save the money and use those. After a while it became a “thing”, trying to figure out which app would be the first that I bought, so I watched for the perfect one.

In that time, Woo started to get curious about the phone, asking to type letters out or play with some of the musical instrument apps that I installed for him. The phone became a fun little diversion for him, buying me a few minutes to start dinner or fold the wash. Goose then started noticing it and demanded her time to play too. It worked really well for a while, they played, took turns handing the phone and forth and then moved on to something else that was shiny.

Woo then got sick and I had to up the ante and occupy him QUIETLY so that I could get some work done. Enter Elmo’s Monster Maker. It’s a little game, costing $4.00, that lets you create monsters that will play and dance with Elmo. Woo likes Elmo, so it seemed like a good bet. My first app was purchased. It was a hit, and I got my work done that day. He REALLY liked it, but was pretty good about understanding that it was a treat to play. Then one day Goose saw it. She LOVES Elmo. Since I let her play it too, she asks for it all the time. She is not so understanding about sharing anymore, and she will not give up the phone without a fight. She hides it, cries, begs, and pleads for just a little bit more time with Elmo. Tonight, she patted me down trying to find the phone. A monster, and I created it myself!

The second thing that I created bought this week was Angry Birds. I had seen some tweeps talking about it and got curious, so I tried the lite version of the game. It was simple and cute, but very addictive. After burning through the lite version, I am happily playing the paid version at any chance I get. It’s very hard to put down – last night I was only able to when I exhausted my battery on my phone. It’s a monster, and I am hooked. There is a hallowe’en version too, that I haven’t installed – yet!


About lilbunnyrabbitz

Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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