Is it over yet?

Today was the start of a conference that I was responsible for organizing for my office. It is a training workshop that we are really excited about, not only for the content of the presentation, but the possibility of raising a little bit of money for my office. It’s a small non-profit that lost core funding last year, so we were happy that we were able to host this. It’s promised to be a great workshop!

I barely slept last night, as I knew that there were some last minute kinks that needed to be ironed out, and that I had to get up earlier that I was used too. This always freaks me out a little, as I am sure that I will sleep in. I woke every forty minutes or so throughout the night, but Woo took care of my fear of sleeping in by needing cuddles at six AM. I settled him and got up to start the day.

The list of chores that I had left myself took slightly more time than I anticipated, and the lils rebelled at my leaving so early, so I was late getting out the door. A stop at Tim’s revealed that I had forgotten a few items (hello, money? phone? who leaves home without them?!), so I was further delayed by the return home.

When I got to the hotel I learned that they had failed to set up the room as instructed, and that the projector we borrowed wasn’t working with the laptop the speaker was using (damn MACs). The AV techs fixed us up with a projector they provided, a relief despite the fact that it was going to cost some extra. It was a necessary expense. The hotel, on the other hand, dragged their feet on fixing the room set up. This raised my stress level higher than I like it.

They eventually sent one of the housekeeping staff to the room to add the table and chairs that we required. He was surly and accusatory, blaming me for the error. Knowing I was not in the wrong, but wanting to get my room set up, I let him grumble away. He kept at me though, and I finally told him to take it up with the Banquet staff. He was essentially finished at this point and left in a bit of a huff.

He had left behind a stack of chairs in case we had stragglers who didn’t want to weave into the room to find seats. Some of the chairs that were out were wobbly, so I offered to replace the chairs for a few people. I grabbed the first chair off the stack, but didn’t anticipate that it would be SO top-heavy. It came flying forward and smashed my mouth, breaking two teeth. It was nine am. I hadn’t even had coffee yet.


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Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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4 Responses to Is it over yet?

  1. Gary Champagne says:

    OMG! That’s one heck of a bad start! I hope things got better after…

  2. Deb says:

    Oh no! What a horrible start! I hope the rest of the conference went off without a hitch. How’s the mouth? 😦

  3. thx. Mouth will be fixed today, I hope! The rest of the conference went OK, but I am glad it’s over!

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