Taking a stand

Supper tonight was an ordeal for Goose. There were yells, demands and tears, and she left the table angry with both of us.  It was all because we wouldn’t give her her applesauce, didn’t give in to her. It was hard on us, but it had to be done.  We’ve never done it before with her.

She’s at a stage where being a picky eater is a game, played by her rules.  We’ve let her get away with it, worked around her whims, because it’s easier and keeps the peace.  Being so lax with her on this one has happened gradually, but we are to the point where I am sometimes substituting her meal for something I know that she will eat.  I do not want to be that parent, cooking five meals (one for the cat) and having no one happy.  Our motto has always been that the lils will eat when they are hungry, so we let them push around the food that the normally eat on the days that they are being ornery. They usually eat.

Willy decided that tonight was the night to take a stand.  I was getting there, so am glad that he did.  It was a long fight.  We talked to her, cajoled her, tried to play with her, tempt her in any way that we could both before and after bath.  In the end she didn’t get the applesauce she so wanted, because she didn’t eat her supper.  I am not sure who won this round.  She was so adamant that it was applesauce or nothing.  Tonight we took a stand, but so did she. That little girl has will!

LATE NIGHT UPDATE: she’s wimpering in her sleep.  I am sure it’s because she is hungry.  Silly Goose.

About lilbunnyrabbitz

Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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