Healing hugs

Woo had expressed an interest in going to my father-in-law’s funeral service and we felt that it was important to include him. The funeral was yesterday, and the service was beautiful. While Woo did sit and pay attention to some of the it, but it was long, and he is three.  I spent some of it crawling after him, keeping him quiet and preoccupied, and trying to appease him until the organ started playing again.

I think that he did get something out of it, despite his fidgeting.  He got to see others grieving, to hear again what a wonderful man his grandfather was, and know that others will miss him too.  I was surprised that I was glad to have him there too.  In one of the moments when he was sitting quietly between Willy and I, he sensed that I was crying.  Turning to look up at me, he gave me a concerned look.  He then wiped my tears away with his hands, and threw his arm around my neck in the tightest, longest hug.  It was such a wonderful, sweet gesture from a little boy trying to make his Mama feel better.  I am so glad he came.

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Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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