Home alone for a week

Willy has been away for much of the last week, and it has been a long week without him.  So long that I am pretty sure that there were a couple of extra days in there somewhere.  He travels frequently enough that I am used to being home with the lils, and know that I will appreciate him even more when he gets home.  He spoils me, and I SUCK at being a single parent.  Some evidence to support this:

There are currently eleven loads of laundry filling the two couches in my family room.  They just keep piling up, and I do not have time to fold them.  When I get the lils dressed I just reach in to the pile and pull out their clothes for the day.  Same with pajamas at night. I actually gave serious consideration to just putting Goose in disposable diapers on more than one occasion this week, because the diapers were too buried in the piles.

Our meal selection has been terrible this week.  I just throw stuff on the table, and hope that they eat it. If they don’t, I just offer something else, or ask them to tell me what they will eat.  There have been at least two occasions this week where we have all eaten different meals because I didn’t have the energy and ability to make meals and combat the “I don’t want to eat that” so I gave in, plenty.

I have not bathed either of them.  Not once.

There was a toysplosion in pretty much every room of the house.  I stopped bothering to pick the toys up and haven’t even thought to ask them too.  It is MUCH easier to just move to another room and play there.

Woo has taken to reminding me to do things that I really should be remembering.  This includes things that I really should be remembering, like feeding the cat, bringing the diaper bag to daycare, and giving him his puffer.  You know, the medicine that helps him breath, that he takes every day?!  I would not remember these things, if not for his reminder.  That is too much to ask from my THREE year old.

We have been late to day care everyday this week, even the days that I don’t have to get ready for work.  Getting their breakfast on the table, feeding the cat, getting them dressed, in the car and buckled in, and finally leaving seems to take four times as long as it should.  This doesn’t take into account the return trips to pick up the things that we forgot.

All of these things have made me appreciate Willy all the more for all of the wonderful help and support that he is at home.  They actually make me feel that I am the one that supports him around here.  They also increase the admiration that I have for all the single parents that I know.  They are all so together and on top of things.  I can’t begin to imagine how they do it!!

About lilbunnyrabbitz

Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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4 Responses to Home alone for a week

  1. Chantal says:

    I know eh! When I leave my hubby alone with the kids I come home to a clean house and fed kids. When he leaves me… not so much 🙂

  2. neeroc says:

    Looks like it was a suck-ass week for my suck-ass job to thud down on my head. You should have shipped them off to my hubby!

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