Dinosaur roar!

Willy and I both love to read, and seem to have passed this on to the lils. They frequently present us with books to be read, read on their own, and always ask us to read them just one more whenever we finish a story. We are happy they are so enamoured with books, and hope it keeps up.

They each have their favourites, the books that they hear many times a day. One that has been a favourite for each lil is “Dinosaur Roar“. It is a cute little book of rhymes that uses dinosaurs to illustrate opposites. Each page has a pair, such as dinosaur fast and dinosaur slow, or dinosaur above and dinosaur below. It’s cute and short and has always been enjoyed by both the lils and Willy and I.

A few weeks back Goose decided that she was “dinosaur slimy”. We giggled enough that it stuck, and every time I read the book to her, she would point at slimy and say “that’s Goose”. A week or so later she decide that Woo was dinosaur sweet, and added him to the routine, now pointing out both the Goose and Woo dinos. Last week was Willy’s turn, and he became dinosaur clean. Today I was added to the list. I am dinosaur GRUMPY.

I know that grumpy is not a word that she fully understands (I hope), but it hit a little close to home when she showed me.  Now I ask, what was wrong with dino fast, strong, even spiky or fierce?? I guess it could have been worse – I could have been dinosaur fat or dinosaur lumpy.


About lilbunnyrabbitz

Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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3 Responses to Dinosaur roar!

  1. neeroc says:

    If the tyrannosaurus Rex fits…

  2. Haha! I’m so glad you like my book!
    It was such fun to do. I always get accused of being Dinosaur Grumpy, which of course I am not! All my kids loved it, I have six…
    If you want to see a wide range of dinosaur gifts, please have a look at my DinosaurStore
    All best wishes and thanks for your support!

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