My new love affairs with noisy trucks

I used to have a hate on for trucks and school buses in my neighbourhood.  They would always come up the street at the worst time, and would always wake Woo, who was a terrible napper.  Garbage day was the worst, between garbage, recycle and yard waste, those noisy trucks sometimes made six trips up the street, all during naptime. ALWAYS during naptime.  He would wake and fight sleep, fall back to sleep and get awakened again several times through the day. It was very frustrating.

Woo has grown to love trucks (duh, he’s a kid), and over time I have made my peace with them.  It is, after all, awfully cute to see Goose and Woo run to the front window each time a truck goes by. Fast forward three years, add a baby who loves to sleep and sleeps through EVERYTHING and the fact that Woo does not nap anymore, my level of concern with the trucks has pretty much disappated.  I barely notice the trash trucks in the afternoons, unless the lil peeps call my attention to them.

Until today, that is.  My allergies are insanely bad this year, and one of the lils has given me a cold.  I am a mess and really needed a break during Woo’s quiet time (formerly known as naptime – and not at all quiet).  Little did I know that it was a truck – a loud, big, smelly, sewage drain clearing truck* – that  would give me the peace that I needed.  It rolled up to our across the street neighbour’s at the start of QT and got to work, loudly clearing their problem.  Woo immediately went to the window in his room to watch.  From that point on, I didn’t hear a peep out of him, except the occasional play-by-play.  When the clock stuck 3:00, he came barreling downstairs and went to the front window, where it still sits.  It’s been bliss.

*I really don’t want to know what is clogging their drain.  They have been clearing it for over two hours!


About lilbunnyrabbitz

Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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