Potty training on the road

Driving home from Toronto on Sunday, we stopped in Kingston to have some sud pper and let the kids run around and stretch. It was pouring rain, so the great playground that we had found on the way down was out. It was getting close to five when we rolled in, and many things were closing(damn small town). We ended up going to the mall and then the McDonald’s playplace. Not what we wanted, but we were limited in knowledge.

The run around – energy burn was not quite what we wanted, but we hit the road again. About 20 minutes into the drive, Woo pipes up that he needs to “pee on a tree”. We figured that this was a ploy to get us to let him out of the seat and run around, so explained that it was raining, and we would stop if he really needed to, but would keep going if it could wait. It could, and we kept going.

A minute later I hear Goose’s little voice say “need to poop”. This is more serious, given the toilet training that is going on, so I turn and and ask her if we need to stop so she can poop on the potty. She looks right back at me, and very seriously says, “No, I need to poop on a tree!”

The laughing lasted at least 20KM, mostly because she would repeat it every time Woo and I stopped laughing.


About lilbunnyrabbitz

Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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