Touch a truck – worth coming home from the lake.

A few months ago I heard about an event in my ‘hood called “Touch a Truck”.  It is a half day event that lets kids (big and little) get up close and personal with trucks of all shapes and sizes.  The added bonus is that it is a fundraiser for Mothercraft, a local non-profit that supports families! It sounded right up our alley, given that Woo is completely in love with all things truck, and has been for years.   He regularly asks us to drive around searching for trucks, just so that we can catch a glimpse!

We knew that we had to go, so started our weekend with an early trip to the cottage that allowed us to come home on Saturday night and still feel like we had gotten a weekend in. It worked, and we had a great day on Saturday frolicking in and around the lake.  We left after supper and were home and settled in for the night by nine.  It felt like a Sunday night, so it was a bonus that we still had a whole day off today.

We hadn’t told the monkeys our plans, so this morning I teased them with a few details. Woo had a pretty good idea that there would be trucks where we were going, so he was pretty keen and easy to get out the door.  We had to drive by the truck set up to find parking and it was impressive!  You could hear all the horn honking before you could see the trucks, and then you were on top of them – a massive display of trucks and machines!  There were fire trucks, loaders, street sweepers, police vehicles, the bookmobile, buses, street sweepers, army trucks, race cars, tractors and a crane!

We spent the better part of two hours moving from vehicle to vehicle to vehicle, climbing in some, and just checking out others.  There were a good number of people there, but most of the lines were not too long, and most of the parents were really good about keeping things moving.  I was sad that the kids didn’t get to fully explore every vehicle until they were tired of them, but think that the balance of seeing so many outweighs that.  In the end, the only desired one that we missed getting in was the crane.  The line for it was far too long, we would not have made it.  I think that Woo’s favourite parts were the horns, he’s a honker!

While this day was more for Woo, I was pretty impressed with how happy Goose was with all the trucks, and how eagerly she crawled into the majority of them. She was so happy to be doing something that her big brother was doing too.  She is fearless!

I was pretty sad at the quality of the pictures that I took today – I was rushed, I brought the wrong lens, and the auto focus on my DSLR is wonky at times.  I did get a goodly number of pictures of the trucks to stick on the digital frame for when Woo is wanting to see pictures of trucks, and there were a couple of decent ones of the kids.  None capture the joy that the lil bunnyrabbitz felt today – little stinkers have decided that they don’t smile for the camera anymore!

Goose in the scoop

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Ottawa mom to two crazy little peeps, wife to my favourite geek. More on me later.
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